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How Rainbow Rhyme was born

Sarah & Emma, lifetime friends, became involved with music from a young age. Coming from musical households and inspired by teachers at school their love for music was ignited and they started on a path that eventually took them through to their future careers.


When they became mommies for the first time in 2008 & 2009, they came together while on maternity leave to create an early years musical experience combining their musical talent and own experiences as mommies, and Rainbow Rhyme was born.


It is their belief that we are all born musical and it is how this musicality is nurtured and developed from an early age that makes us all potential musicians. They believe that music also forms a great foundation for learning, with proven links to helping



mathematical, language, social and communication skills. Music is a universal language of expression, an outlet for emotions, ideas and creativity. It can bring people together, help build confidence and can be created any time, anywhere!

Rainbow Rhyme music sessions have been developed by Sarah Masters and Emma Jones who are both educated to degree level in music/music technology and together have a vast experience of performing, instrumental teaching and music in early years music education. Additionally both are moms to two children and so have an understanding of the joys and woes of parenting!

Rainbow Rhyme have recently welcomed on board Louise Blackburn, who alongside running the wonderful Voices Entwined choir in and around the Walsall/North Birmingham areas, is also a trained Yoga teacher. Louise will be running the brand new Baby & Parent Yoga, Voice & Wellbeing classes. Click here for more information.

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