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What do our sessions involve?

Rainbow Rhyme pre school sessions are designed give babies and young children a holistic musical experience from an early age. They are given the opportunity to sing, move, interact, dance, play, explore and listen through carefully planned sessions delivered by Early Years Musicians, Sarah Masters & Emma Jones.

Our sessions follow a familiar structure with welcome songs and warm up songs that your children will soon learn and join in with. All our material is performed live with very little use of recorded music so children get to experience real, live music from an early stage. We encourage plenty of parent/child interaction, lots of moving around and use colourful puppets and props to bring our songs to life. 
We base our sessions on popular Early Years themes such as
Me playing guitar cropped.jpg
Animals, Colours, Transport, Seasons, Weather with special sessions for religious/non religious festivals such as Bonfire Night, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and Diwali. 
We allow time every session for child-led, free play (see below).  We finish the session with a live performance, usually on violin, flute or sax to encourage the children to listen, focus and wind down.​

​​The Importance of Free Play

We believe that young children learn a lot through play and exploration and feel that free play is invaluable when it comes to encouraging a child’s creativity with music.

During free play, we observe the children with the instruments, pick up on any musical ideas they may have, imitate their ideas to reinforce them and encourage them to develop their ideas. The idea being that our role as adults is merely to encourage the children's own ideas and creativity and not tell them to do what we believe they should be doing.

The instruments that we use for free play are often a little unusual which will hopefully attract the child's attention more so than an instrument designed to look like a toy. Take a look at our gallery to see some examples of our instruments.

It is also a valuable opportunity for socialising for both the children and adults. 

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