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My first musical influence has to be my mother. She sang and played a variety of music to me from when I was in her womb, to this present day. She even timed her contractions to Mahler’s 5th Symphony! When I was toddler I would prance around to Beethoven with my small baton, and dance to Jimi Hendrix and the B52s. She has encouraged me with my music throughout my life, and I believe that if I had not had this support from such an early age I would not have followed this musical path.

I started to play the recorder in Infant school, moving on to clarinet in primary, and saxophone and flute at secondary school. After achieving an A grade in GCSE Music, I studied popular music at college where I mostly used my voice when performing.

About Me - Emma Jones 

Following this I studied classical and popular music at degree level getting a Bachelor of Arts 2. 1 with honours, and then went on to achieve my Masters of Arts in Performance.

Throughout my education I have always been involved in orchestras, choirs and productions. I have performed solo modern classical recitals and have been in bands playing funk to heavy rock. I enjoy the emotional connection music provides, the magical quality that it can transport you to a time in your life when you hear a certain song, the kinaesthetic response you feel, the list goes on.   

I have taught woodwind in primary and secondary schools for the past nine years, teaching pupils one-to-one and in ensembles.    I recognize the great pleasure music brings to peoples’ lives; this is one of the main reasons why I enjoy teaching. I also find it very rewarding and feel great satisfaction when pupil’s progress and achieve their goals, creating their own musical experiences.

When I had my son, Daniel, I started another career as a mother.  Being a musician I am obviously keen to give him a musical upbringing. We listen to different genres of music, use movement, and play a variety of instruments. His response is fantastic, and influenced me to start Rainbow Rhyme teaching music in the early years, giving young ears the best start to their future musicality.

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