Covid-19 Safety Policy

Rainbow Rhyme

Proposal for a safe return to live, face to face classes from September 2020.

Updated 12th April 2021.


This document outlines our intentions and plans in order to achieve a safe return to live public classes in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. It must be adhered to by all who run Rainbow Rhyme sessions and those that attend. It applies to all live classes run by Sarah Masters and Emma Jones which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Aldridge Parish Church Centre

  • Pelsall Village Centre

  • Walsall Arboretum

  • Just Play soft play centre, Kingstanding

  • Streetly Association


Individual risk assessments will be available for each setting.


The Venues

In order for us to safely return to our venues, the following has been considered:

  • The size of the room – The room is big enough to enable us to be able to socially distance at a minimum of 2m apart;

  • Room ventilation  – The room has openable windows, high ceilings and an air conditioning/ventilation unit that does not enable the spread of viruses.

  • We can, where possible, implement a one way system to prevent congestion in and out of the room.

  • Where we are holding more than one class, we are able to have a 15-20 minute gap in between classes to allow time for changeover of participants and for the cleaning of touch points.

If we are not happy that any of our current venues meet the above criteria, we will not be returning and will seek an alternative venue. At the time of writing, we are happy that our current venue, Aldridge Church centre, meets all of our considerations.


We are phasing the return of our live classes starting with our Aldridge class from 21st September and our other classes, all being well from 2nd November. Please note, the times and venues of the classes may change due to availability etc.


Bookings & Payment

All bookings should be made online via our page on Happity. This is to minimize the handling of cash and congestion at the start/end of classes when attendees would have usually paid. For those that are unable to access the online booking system, a reservation can be made through contacting Sarah and payment can be made via BACs/PayPal or on the day contactless payment. Cash can be used as a last resort. Sibling tickets only need to be purchased for children 6 months and older. Full payment terms & conditions are available on our website

For the time being, only one adult will be permitted to attend the class with their child due to the restrictions on numbers. For the purpose of Social Distancing, 1 adult+ child under the age of 3 is classed as 1 unit.

Track & Trace & data protection

At the point of booking, we will collect contact information from you in order for us to be able to contact you should a case of Covid-19 be reported in one of our classes. In line with government guidelines, we will retain your information for 21 days (for each booking). If you block for the term or half term, the 21 days will begin at the end of the booking period.

After 21 days, your data will be held in line with our Privacy Policy which can be found on our website

Please note, Happity, our booking platform, has their own Privacy Policy which can be found here:


Hygiene & Cleaning

Hand sanitiser will be available at each session. If it is not provided by the venue (which is unlikely), there will be some available at the entrance to the room. All adults and children will be asked to sanitise their hands before entering the class. There will be handwashing facilities at all our venues, although we will not be asking everyone to use these as it will cause a bottle neck in the toilets.

Face coverings will not be compulsory due to the nature of our class. You may wish to consider wearing one for entering & exiting the class. Staff will be required to wear a mask at the start & end of a session but not once the session begins.

If you need to cough or sneeze, please do so into a tissue and then bin it, or into the inside of your elbow. Not into your hands.


Bins will be emptied by the venue on a daily basis.


Equipment & Props

At the start of each class, each family will be given their own ‘Rainbow Bag’ with the instruments, scarves and props they will need for that session. All instruments will be cleaned in between sessions using anti-bacterial cleaning fluid or wipes. If cleaning is not possible (as it may damage the instrument, prop or bag) the item will be quarantined for no less than 72 hours.

Instruments and props should not be shared between families during the session.

For the time being, we will also be avoiding the use of shared props such as parachutes/lycra/giant scrunchie for hygiene reasons and also taking into consideration the increased movement of air particles by using these.

We will not be using floor coverings. The mats we usually use cannot be cleaned as regularly as we need them to be and pose an increased risk of virus transmission. We therefore ask that parents, particularly those with younger babies, bring in their own blanket/mat and consider the fact that some of our venues do have a hard wood floor. Participants will be seated on the floor as usual. If you need a chair for any reason, please ask. These will be reserved for those that need it for medical or feeding purposes as they will need to be cleaned before  and after use.

Session activities

We aim to keep the structure of our sessions much the same as it was pre-covid so that for those returning to us, there will be some familiarity. However, some things will change but these will  be subtle changes and nothing that will disrupt the flow of our sessions.

Singing – at the time of writing, research has shown that singing at a normal volume is no more dangerous than normal speech. We will therefore encourage singing in class but at a low level. The class leader will be positioned no less than 3m away from the first family.

Movement – we will be avoiding moving around the room, but any activity where we would normally do this will be done within our own 2m space. We will use spots on the floor to mark out 2m minimum distancing.

Seating – participants will be sat on the floor as usual and in a semi-circle, a minimum of 2m apart.

Free play – there will be no shared basket of instruments. Each family group will have their own bag of props and instruments for the session and we ask that parents use these in a controlled way throughout the session as instructed by the class leader.



At the time of writing, Sarah & Emma are both in good health but we do have school age children. This means that classes may be cancelled at the last minute if suspected cases of Covid-19 occur in school, or indeed in any other settings within our work regime. If this happens, our classes will be held online using Zoom.

We will screen ourselves for symptoms of Covid-19 before each session and maintain a high standard of personal hygiene. We will socially distance ourselves from other adults, 2m as standard extended to 3m when we are singing/delivering our session.

Close contact with small children can sometimes not be avoided, however it will be minimised as much as possible (and in a sensitive way) with the help of the parent/guardian.


Responsibility of Parents

Families will be asked to assess their own health before attending a class. They should NOT attend a class if they have a high temperature, a new persistent cough, loss of taste or smell or have been in contact with anyone with Covid-19. Please note that symptoms may be different in children so please also look out for a rash & sickness & diarrhoea as these can also be signs of Covid-19.

We will not be taking temperatures in the class as we cannot do this while being socially distanced and there is no current guidance to recommend we do this.

All adults attending are responsible for their children at all times. We ask that all adults maintain a distance of 2m between family bubbles, however, we do not expect children to socially distance.

Participants should keep bags, coats & shoes next to them and avoid bringing food & drink to the session. If you do bring drinks, please keep these in bags to avoid them being picked up by other children.


Please do not bring in toys from home unless specifically asked to for the purpose of the session. (for example, a teddy for a Teddy Bears Picnic). In this case, please ensure that your toy is not shared with other children.

In venues where we are running more than one class, no families will be allowed into the room until the previous class have left and the room has been cleaned.

It is important that classes start and end on time to allow for the appropriate cleaning to take place. Please leave the room promptly. If you need to feed your child, please ask the class leader for information on the best place to do this. This will change from venue to venue.

Insurances & disclaimer

Sarah Masters & Emma Jones (Rainbow Rhyme) both hold public liability insurance policies that are valid during the Covid-19 pandemic and allow us to work and carry out music activities as long as we are adhering to government guidance.

While we are doing everything we can to ensure our classes are a safe place to be, it can never be 100% safe and we cannot take any personal responsibility should anyone contract Covid-19 at one of our classes.

We are operating in Covid secure venues and following all procedures set out in this policy. However, the responsibility is not all ours. It is shared with both our venues and our customers. By booking onto one of our classes, the customer agrees to follow all procedures out lined in this document. These will also be reiterated during the classes.