Parent & Baby Yoga, Voice & Wellbeing classes

These classes have been designed by Louise Blackburn and are based around the tradition of Hatha yoga which is focused on breath, body and mind.


Breath - The first few months after child birth are sometimes difficult and the right breathing techniques can really help. Learning different breathing techniques can have a massive impact on our nervous systems and help us to calm and relax. Singing is also included in the class as this provides an opportunity to bond and further help you harness the power of breath.

Body - The class will take you through a number of postures, stretching and strengthening  Poses will help you to reconnect with your body and work through suitable asanas to improve tone and flexibility and will be

post-partum appropriate. There will be a focus on the spine and shoulders to help cope with the physical demands of feeding and carrying a baby. 

Mind - Finding space in the body to relax, using breathing techniques and singing can all lead to a calmer mind. Relaxation techniques help you cope with less sleep. 


Babies will be involved throughout on their backs, tummies or held in arms. It will provide a gentle and warm environment to bond and connect with your baby. Singing will be gentle and relaxed with simple chants and lullabies. 

Classes are informal and relaxed, allowing the opportunity to feed, change, comfort or soothe your baby to sleep whenever necessary.  This class is available to all new mums with babies aged 6 weeks to 9 months old (or pre-crawling).  No previous experience of yoga is necessary.

This is an innovative class with numerous benefits for both parent and baby. To book your place click here.

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