Rainbow Rhyme Party Packages

***Due to the current social restrictions, regrettably we are unable to take any party bookings at this time***

We tailor our parties to each child’s tastes and interests so please use these packages as guidance only. We will send a party template to you when you book and you can add or take out songs as you wish.

Party Package Number 1

(Ideal for: 1st, 2nd or 3rd Birthdays/Christenings)


A 45-minute session of fun live music with Sarah & Emma including:

  • Fun warm up songs with guitar and shakers;

  • Introduction to the funky saxophone;

  • Party songs such as ‘The Baby Pokey’;

  • Lycra or Parachute songs and games;

  • Free play with our big basket of instruments;

  • Favourite nursery rhymes/songs/theme tunes;

  • Final performance on Sax/Violin/Flute;

  • Happy Birthday sang as cake is brought out to the birthday child;


Party Package Number 2 

(Ideal for: 1st, 2nd or 3rd Birthdays/Christenings)


A 90-minute session of fun live music with Sarah & Emma

  • As Party Package number 1 but with extra songs/activities to cater to your child’s tastes (including but not restricted to scarf songs/bubbles/extended free play)

  • Sarah & Emma will perform while children eat (up to 30 minutes)

  • Optional added party games such as pass the parcel

Rainbow Rhyme party bags available with your party booking

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