What people say about Rainbow Rhyme

Here are some of the comments from parents and nursery staff
about our Rainbow Rhyme sessions

Laura, mommy to twins, says:
“ My twins are now 1 year old and we have enjoyed attending Rainbow Rhyme classes since they were 6 months old. Sarah and Emma are talented musicians and play a variety of instruments which the babies enjoy watching and listening to. The classes are well structured including song and action and free play with baby friendly and cultural instruments. A big thumbs up from us all!”


Liz, mommy, says:

“ We went to Rainbow Rhyme for the first time last Friday at Streetly childrens centre. The whole set up is great the children really enjoyed the singing and playing the instruments. Sarah and Emma are very talented ladies and really interact with the children. We will definately be taking the children again. Highly recommended”

​Sarah, mommy, says:
“ We have been attending Rainbow Rhyme since my daughter, Summer was around 9 months old, she is now 18 months and has always loved the music and songs at Rainbow Rhyme.  She can even do "shake and stop" now!  We have both really enjoyed the sessions which are fun and friendly.  I would recommend Rainbow Rhyme to any new mom's or those with toddlers.”

​Kelly, manager at Busy Bees Nursery, Walsall says:
“Rainbow Rhyme have been visiting our nursery on a fortnightly basis since January 2011.  Both and Emma and Sarah come along and provide a 45 minute session, during the session children have the opportunities to join in and sing along to instruments that are being played which include violin, saxophone, clarinet, guitar and flute.  The children also take part in musical games, movement and dance, and explore the wide range of multi cultural resources that they bring along.  The children, staff and parents here at Busy Bees at South Staffs thoroughly enjoy the session and staff can see what a positive impact Rainbow Rhyme have on the children’s learning , development and confidence”.

These quotes are taken from parents who attended our early trial sessions at local libraries

“Fantastic! Really loved it.”

“Fantastic experience for children (and adults!) Thank you!”

“Lovely session, kids really enjoyed it.”

“Very engaging for the children. They are fascinated with real instruments.”

“Very enjoyable - very kind ladies.”

“Really good for all age kids, 5 and under.”

“Really enjoyed it, far more relaxed than other similar groups I have been to.”

“Very enjoyable our 1 year old really enjoyed the instruments”

“My 3 year old enjoyed the TV themes with the instruments. (In the Night Garden & Waybuloo) and the free play digging into the instrument box. 1 year old loved the singing.”

“Very impressed all three of us really enjoyed it. Good to see the different instruments”


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